Qwik System Flush

Qwik System Flush®, a patented formulation, is 5-10 times more effective in acid removal, moisture & oil absorption than competitive products. It is used to flush contaminants such as residual oil, acid, or moisture from refrigeration line sets. If you can’t replace refrigeration line sets after a burnout or R-22 to R-410a change out then you should use Qwik System Flush to remove residual contamination.

The following equipment will be required for each flushing operation:

    1. Qwik System Flush®. As a general rule, one 2 lb aerosol can will clean up to a 10 ton system. The amount needed will vary by size and level of contamination. See the chart below to estimate what you’ll need to complete your task.
Part Number Description
Qwik System Flush®
QT1100 2 lb Aerosol can for up to 10 ton systems
QT1130 1 lb Aerosol can for up to 5 ton systems
QT1150 (2) 1 lb Aerosol cans for up to 10 ton systems
  1. Qwik System Flush® Can Access Valve (QT1105 or supplied with QT1150 kit)
  2. Refrigerant charging hose with ¼” flare terminations (supplied with QT1150)
  3. A flare fitting for access to the section to be flushed – either a flare fitting that you can braze onto the piping, a Line Set Flush Tool (QT1110), or our QwikNozzle Squeeze-Handle Line Set Flush Tool (QT1106 or supplied with QT1150)
  4. An empty container to capture waste as it exits the line sets or components being flushed. Waste should be disposed of in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  5. Compressed nitrogen cylinder with pressure regulator
  6. Safety glasses
  7. Protective gloves
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2 lbs (Qwik QT1100) Qwik QT1100 In Stock(600 Available) $75.00
1 lbs (Qwik QT1130) Qwik QT1130 In Stock $45.00
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Qwik System Flush

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Qwik System Flush

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2 lbs, 1 lbs, (2) 1 lbs starter kit