Com Koil, External Condenser Coil Cleaner & Brightener - Acid 1 Gallon

Premium Series-Com Koil is a concentrated Acid based External Evaporator & Condenser Coil Cleaner. Com Koil is the ultimate heavy duty cleaner and brightener for finned, air cooled condenser coils and electronic air filters. Com Koil concentrate can be diluted with up to 10 parts water. Foaming action lifts and removes all dirt, grease and contaminants. •Pink color.

  • Rinse away with water
  • Great for cleaning inaccessible fin areas
  • Leaves aluminum and copper clean and bright
  • Cleans away dulling oxide film
  • Fast and effective
  • Easy to apply
  • Foaming acid cleaner. Heavy duty pink standard.

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