Blue Tape


  • VERSATILE: Hardex 4 inch wide blue painter’s tape can work on a variety of surfaces. Includes drywall, plywood, sheetrock, metal, and glass. Ideal for painted or lightly textured surfaces.
  • CLEAN REMOVAL: Our blue painter’s tape leaves no residue and does not cause any surface damage.
  • EASY TO USE: Applies to surface easily and cleanly. The Blue painter’s tape can be easily re-position, just lift off and repeat to achieve the perfect sharp paint lines.
  • UV RESISTANT: Our high-quality blue painter’s masking tape leaves no silvering residue after UV exposure, holds strong in challenging weather and can be directly exposed to sunlight.
  • 3D PRINTER READY: Versatile enough that our blue painter’s masking tape can also be used for 3D printing, can be adjusted easier and faster. Using the blue painter’s tape is an easier means to remove the printer parts from the build plate since it can easily be removed and reapplied.


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